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1963 commercials from same broadcast

A collection of 1963 commercials. The commercials all aired during the same episode of "The Andy Griffith Show". Sadly, no cast ads here. Products are: Grape-Nuts cereal, Sanka coffee, Post-Toastes cereal, Gaines-Burgers (this commercial has been uploaded before as a seperate upload). Also included is a "Jack Benny" promo and a fitness PSA.


Reviewer: 333maxwell - - October 29, 2011
Subject: Fun stuff.
I had totally forgot about gains Burgers, but now the memories of breaking them apart and that smell wouldn't come off your hand.. what may of seemed like a good idea on the drawing board didn't translate well to practicality. Manhandling your pet's food got old. I looked gains Burger up just now, and it says the process they used to keep the product moist was actually pretty ground breaking and the process would go on to be used in products for human consumption.

The Sanka Coffee commercial is a hoot.. If I can be indulged to transcribe a bit...

"Coffee, fresh, rich, deep in flavor. Coffee hot and dark, a whole lot of coffee. Have it. Coffee that warms and pleases your life a little, and for the time of a cup full, makes it that much more enjoyable. This is today's Sanka Coffee, it is meant to me enjoyed 'a lot'. Have more. Have a whole day of it. Only the richest beans go into it, only caffeine comes out of it. but you can't taste the caffeine in any cup of coffee. Have it right into the night. (etc etc and then ends with...) Have a whole day of it.